Azure Service Bus

The Azure Service Bus feed type in ArcGIS Velocity receives data from an Azure Service Bus. Azure Service Bus is a managed enterprise message broker commonly used to decouple applications and services from each other.


The following are example uses of the Azure Service Bus feed:

  • A GIS developer for a large city wants to ingest their snow plow vehicle sensor data from Azure Service Bus.
  • A logistics company configures an Azure Service Bus feed to consume asset position and attribute information from their IoT sensors.

Usage notes

Keep the following in mind when working with the Azure Service Bus feed:

  • Azure Service Bus connection parameters can be obtained from the Microsoft Azure portal or the various SDKs and command-line tools for managing Azure services.
  • The connection parameters are components of the Azure Service Bus connection string.
  • After configuring feed connection parameters, see Configure input data to learn how to define the schema and the key parameters.

For more information, see the Microsoft Azure Service Bus documentation.


The following are the parameters for the Azure Service Bus feed:

ParameterDescriptionData type

Topic Name

The topic name for the Azure Service Bus.


Subscription Name

The Azure Service Bus subscription name. In Azure Service Bus, a subscription is attached to a topic.


Shared Access Key Name

The shared access key name for Azure Service Bus.


Shared Access Key

The shared access key for Azure Service Bus.



The endpoint of Azure Service Bus.