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ArcGIS Insights 2022.2 includes data engineering and improved performance for charts and predefined filters, plus other enhancements and updates throughout the software.

Data engineering

Data engineering is a process that includes exploring, visualizing, cleaning, and preparing your data for analysis. Data engineering is currently available in Preview for Insights desktop. Output datasets can be used for analysis in Insights desktop or exported for use in Insights in ArcGIS Online and Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise. For more information, see Use data engineering.

Previous Insights versions included an issue that used string comparisons that were not case sensitive and matched null values and empty strings. The issue resulted in inaccurate filters and joins, and has been fixed in Insights 2022.2. The fix improves the functionality of cross filters, predefined filters, and relationships between datasets, but may affect visualizations that aggregate strings, such as bar charts. The Trim empty spaces and Find and replace data engineering tools can be used to clean your data to resolve issues that are now visible as a result of this fix.


Predefined filters have been updated to improve performance, including loading time when creating the predefined filter or changing the selections on the filter.

Database connections have been updated to improve performance for drawing charts and using spatial analysis capabilities such as Spatial Mean and Find Nearest.


Attribute filters using date/time fields and temporal filters have been updated to allow text inputs for date and time values.

Unique identifier selections for database tables are now saved and the settings are applied automatically each time the table is re-added. For more information, see Unique identifiers.

Insights desktop

Insights desktop no longer supports macOS Catalina. For a full list of supported operating systems, see System requirements.