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ArcGIS Insights 2022.3 includes new data engineering tools, map labels, bloom and drop shadow map effects, plus other enhancements and updates throughout the software.

Data engineering

Enabling location using coordinates and addresses is now supported in data workbooks.

The data engineering interface has been updated so that dataset tools now appear in a side toolbar and open in a side pane. For information on individual tools, see Dataset tools.

You can now refresh a dataset in a data model. For more information, see Use data models.

Data workbooks now appear under Recent workbooks on the home page.


Map cards now support labeling features for maps using Single symbol, Unique values, Counts and amounts (size), or Counts and amounts (color). For more information, see Create a map.

You can now add bloom and drop shadow effects to layers on a map. For more information, see Create a map.

Map cards now support locking navigation to prevent zooming and panning. For more information, see Navigate maps.


You can now change the zoom and reposition images uploaded for your profile picture in Insights in ArcGIS Online and Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise. For more information, see Manage profiles in Insights in ArcGIS Online and Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Data bar conditional formatting on reference tables now support rate/ratio fields. Previously, data bars could only be created for number fields. For more information, see Create a reference table.

Line charts and time series graphs with subgroups now support updating the line pattern for an individual line. To update an individual symbol, click the symbol on the Legend tab of the Layer options pane.

Line graphs and time series graphs have also been updated with smaller symbols to show selections. The reduced symbol size makes it easier to see the lines when multiple selections are made on the graph.


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