Create a Scenario Comparison table

ArcGIS GeoPlanner includes tools that you can use to compare scenarios so you, your team, and your stakeholders can make informed and evidence-based decisions.

The Scenario Comparison table displays indicator values for one or more scenarios. This allows you to compare indicator values across many scenarios for a project-level review of performance. You can also download the table as a .csv file.

Scenario Comparison table with values for Scenario A and Scenario B

Complete the following steps to create a Scenario Comparison table:

  1. Create a scenario indicator if you don't have one.
  2. Click the Evaluate tab.
  3. Click Scenario Comparison.

    The Scenario Comparison dialog box appears.

  4. Check the check boxes next to the scenarios to include in the Scenario Comparison table.
  5. Click Load Table.

    Baseline indicators contain the same value for all scenarios.

    The Scenario Comparison table contains a record for each of the scenarios you specified. You can click Download and specify whether you want to open or save a file containing the table or click the Settings button Settings to open the Select Scenarios dialog box and generate a new table with different scenarios.

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