Access your ArcGIS organization

When you create a project using the ArcGIS GeoPlanner app, a group is automatically created on the My Content tab of the content page of your ArcGIS organization. This group has the same name as your GeoPlanner project and lists all the items resulting from any of the functions in this app for this project. In particular, the following items are shared with the group:

  • Project scenario feature services
  • Project web maps
  • Exported web maps and scenes
  • Assessment result layers and tables
  • Evaluation result layers and tables
  • Exported data items
  • Uploaded documents

To access the project group in your ArcGIS organization from GeoPlanner, complete the following steps:

  1. Click the project name .
    Project name links to your group in your organization.

    The Project Properties window appears.

  2. Click Details.

    The View Details window appears.

  3. Click View Details.

    You are directed to your group in your organization.

  4. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization, if necessary.

    The project group page appears.

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