ArcGIS GeoPlanner allows you to export your web map to several graphic formats and download to your local drive. This allows you to embed a static PDF or image file into other web sites, reports, and documents related to your planning project.

  1. Click Open Menu Open Menu at the top of the application and click Print.

    The Print Image dialog box appears.

    Print Image dialog box
  2. Specify the layout size.
    • A3 Landscape
    • A3 Portrait
    • A4 Landscape
    • A4 Portrait
    • Letter ANSI A Landscape
    • Letter ANSI B Landscape
    • Tabloid ANSI B Landscape
    • Tabloid ANSI B Portrait
    • MAP_ONLY

    The MAP_ONLY layout only displays a snapshot of the map, while the other layouts display the map scale, scale bar, date, and title in addition to a snapshot of the map.

  3. Specify the file format.
    • PDF
    • PNG32
    • PNG8
    • JPG
    • GIF
    • EPS
    • SVG
    • SVGZ
    • AIX
    • TIFF
  4. Provide a title for the print in the Title text box.
  5. Click Print.

    The print image process starts. When the process is complete, the image opens in a new browser window.


    You will need to enable pop-ups in your web browser to review the image.

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