Environics Analytics

Esri partners with Environics Analytics (EA) to provide advanced demographic datasets for Canada.

Based in Canada, Environics Analytics helps customers turn data and analytics into insight, strategy, and results. EA offers a range of analytical services—from data supplier to strategic consultancy.

Esri partners with EA to provide the following Canadian advanced data portfolios:


Business Listings

Esri's Canadian Businesses database, sourced from Environics Analytics and Data Axle, provides a detailed list of businesses. It includes company name, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) industry code, and location coordinates for every business in the dataset.


The Environics 2021 Canadian CensusPlus dataset includes more than 800 variables, based on data collected by Statistics Canada during the 2021 Census.

Daytime Population

Canadian Daytime Population is an authoritative estimate of the population that is reachable in any geographic area during daytime hours.

Demographic Statistics

The Canadian Demographic Statistics dataset consists of current-year estimates for 764 variables. It includes demographic projections for 497 variables for three, five, and 10 years into the future but also provides historical estimates from five years ago based on the same methodologies to ensure accurate trend analysis.

Demographic Statistics and Trends

The Canadian Demographic Statistics and Trends database consists of estimated and projected household counts, household population, population, household income and household average income. The database provides estimated counts from 2016 to 2023 and projects values from 2024 to 2043.

Household Spending

The Household Spending dataset provides current estimates of annual expenditures for 463 variables, spanning 18 categories of goods and services used by Canadian households—everything from fashion apparel and household furnishings to cell phones and charitable donations.

Market Segmentation (PRIZM)

PRIZM is the latest release of Environics market segmentation system that classifies Canada’s neighbourhoods into 67 unique lifestyle types. Using methodology that integrates geographic, demographic, and psychographic data, PRIZM incorporates authoritative data from nearly a dozen demographic, marketing, and media sources to help you better analyze and understand customers and markets.

Shopping Centres

This national file of more than 3,000 shopping centre records is produced annually by EnsembleIQ. It lists most shopping malls in Canada, along with data on the type of centre, the number of stores, floor area, retail levels, anchor tenants and parking spaces. Shopping Centres is a geocoded location database used for mapping and other analytical applications. It is updated annually and includes traditional and new format shopping centres.

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