PRIZM Market Segmentation

The 67 Lifestyle types of PRIZM detail the diversity of the Canadian population. Grouping the segments can simplify these differences by summarizing markets that share similar traits. There are eight Lifestage groups and 20 Social groups.

Lifestyle types

Lifestage groups

Lifestage groups include eight categories. Click a link to view a PDF summary.

Lifestage groupPRIZM segment number and name (PDF)

Y1: Very Young Singles & Couples

12—Eat, Play, Love, 28—Latte Life, 40—Les Énerjeunes, 47—Social Networkers

Y2: Younger Singles & Couples

20—New Asian Heights, 22—Indieville, 52—Friends & Roomies, 56—Jeunes Biculturels, 57—Juggling Acts, 67—Just Getting By

Y3: Young Families

11—Modern Suburbia, 24—All-Terrain Families

F1: School-Age Families

06—Downtown Verve, 32—Diverse & Determined, 37—Keep on Trucking, 39—Évolution Urbaine, 42—Banlieues Tranquilles, 55—Enclaves Multiethniques, 59—La Vie Simple, 60—Value Villagers

F2: Large Diverse Families

03—Asian Sophisticates, 05—First-Class Families, 08—Multiculture-ish, 10—Asian Achievement, 13—Vie de Rêve, 15—South Asian Enterprise, 18—Multicultural Corners, 30—South Asian Society, 66—Indigenous Families

F3: Middle-Age Families

04—Turbo Burbs, 14—Kick-Back Country, 17—Asian Avenues, 19—Family Mode, 25—Suburban Sports, 26—Country Traditions, 27—Diversité Nouvelle, 29—C'est Tiguidou, 31—Metro Melting Pot, 33—New Country, 34—Familles Typiques, 36—Middle-Class Mosaic, 38—Stressed in Suburbia, 43—Happy Medium, 48—Agri-Biz, 54—Vie au Village, 61—Came From Away, 64—Midtown Movers

M1: Older Families & Empty Nests

01—The A-List, 02—Wealthy & Wise, 07—Mature & Secure, 09—Boomer Bliss, 16—Savvy Seniors, 23—Mid-City Mellow, 35—Vie Dynamique, 41—Down to Earth, 45—Slow-Lane Suburbs, 46—Patrimoine Rustique, 58—Old Town Roads, 63—Amants de la Nature

M2: Mature Singles & Couples

21—Scenic Retirement, 44—Un Grand Cru, 49—Backcountry Boomers, 50—Country & Western, 51—On Their Own Again, 53—Silver Flats, 62—Suburban Recliners, 65—Âgés & Traditionnels

Social groups

Social groups include 20 categories. Click a link to view a PDF summary.

Social groupsPRIZM segment number and name (PDF)

U1: Urban Elite

01—The A-List, 02—Wealthy & Wise, 06—Downtown Verve

U2: Urban Older

16—Savvy Seniors, 23—Mid-City Mellow, 36—Middle-Class Mosaic, 51—On Their Own Again

U3: Young Urban Core

12—Eat, Play, Love, 22—Indieville, 40—Les Énerjeunes, 47—Social Networkers, 55—Enclaves Multiethniques

U4: Urban Diversity

15—South Asian Enterprise, 17—Asian Avenues, 61—Came From Away, 64—Midtown Movers

U5: Younger Urban Mix

28—Latte Life, 52—Friends & Roomies, 57—Juggling Acts, 60—Value Villagers, 67—Just Getting By

U6: Older Urban Francophone

39—Évolution Urbaine, 44—Un Grand Cru, 56—Jeunes Biculturels, 65—Âgés & Traditionnels

F1: Upscale Urban Fringe

03—Asian Sophisticates, 07—Mature & Secure, 18—Multicultural Corners

F2: Diverse Urban Fringe

10—Asian Achievement, 20—New Asian Heights, 27—Diversité Nouvelle

F3: Midscale Urban Fringe

30—South Asian Society, 31—Metro Melting Pot, 32—Diverse & Determined

S1: Suburban Elite

04—Turbo Burbs, 05—First-Class Families, 09—Boomer Bliss

S2: Upscale Suburban Diversity

08—Multiculture-ish, 11—Modern Suburbia

S3: Upper-Middle Suburbia

19—Family Mode, 24—All-Terrain Families, 25—Suburban Sports

S4: Upper-Middle Suburban Francophone

13—Vie de Rêve, 29—C'est Tiguidou, 34—Familles Typiques

S5: Middle-Class Suburbia

38—Stressed in Suburbia, 43—Happy Medium

S6: Older Suburban

21—Scenic Retirement, 45—Slow-Lane Suburbs, 53—Silver Flats, 62—Suburban Recliners

S7: Lower-Middle Suburban Francophone

35—Vie Dynamique, 42—Banlieues Tranquilles, 59—La Vie Simple

T1: Town Mix

37—Keep on Trucking, 58—Old Town Roads, 66—Indigenous Families

R1: Upper-Middle Rural

14—Kick-Back Country, 26—Country Traditions, 33—New Country

R2: Lower-Middle Rural

41—Down to Earth, 48—Agri-Biz, 49—Backcountry Boomers, 50—Country & Western

R3: Rural Francophone

46—Patrimoine Rustique, 54—Vie au Village, 63—Amants de la Nature