Dashboard settings

You can use the dashboard settings to control aspects of the dashboard's behavior. To open the dashboard settings panel, click the Settings button Dashboard settings on the dashboard toolbar.

General settings

In the General section, you can give users the flexibility to resize and expand each dashboard element. Since dashboards occupy 100 percent of your browser window, they don't always look the same on all screens. You can turn on the Allow element resize toggle button to allow dashboard viewers the ability to manually resize elements. Additionally, turn on the Allow element expansion toggle button to allow dashboard viewers the ability to expand elements.

URL parameters

You can use URL parameters to make dashboards dynamic. With URL parameters, a single dashboard can power any number of different views. A URL parameter is a property that is added to a dashboard's configuration by its author that can be used to trigger actions. Learn more about URL parameters and how to configure actions on URL parameters.

Number prefixes

In the Number prefixes section, you can set the symbols to be used throughout the dashboard wherever unit prefixing is enabled. Dashboards perform unit prefixing using standard metric prefix symbols. You can enable or disable specific prefixes, and optionally, change the symbol used.