Mapping layer

The mapping attribute layer wizard allows the most generic form of attribute definition, where you can create mappings from an image file to actual attribute values.

Typically, mapping attribute layers are used to control CGA shape grammar rule attributes: if an attribute defined in an attribute layer matches an attribute defined in a rule file, the attribute layer can be selected as source for the rule attribute in the Inspector, see Mapping image data with rule attributes.

Create a mapping layer

To create a mapping layer, do the following:

  1. Select Layer > New Map Layer...
  2. Click Mapping.
  3. Select the image map in the wizard.
  4. Set the dimensions and location of the attribute layer in the scene.
  5. Create a new attribute by clicking on the top-left "insert-row" icon (left to Attribute).

    An arbitrary number of mappings can be defined per layer.

  6. Right-click in the attribute area and select Add Row to create a new attribute.
  7. Enter the attribute name.
  8. Select the source channel and the mapping range.
  9. Click Finish.

    The result is a mapping attribute layer with the named attribute function that returns values between Minimum and Maximum by sampling the given "Channel" from the image map file.


All attribute layer properties can still be changed after creation through the Inspector.

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