Create shapes from graph networks

Graph networks can automatically create shapes, such as lots or street shapes.

To enable or disable shape creation, use the Create Shape parameter at the block, street, or node parameters in the inspector. By default, shape creation is enabled.

Graph network and outputs
Input: A graph network; Output: Lots and street shapes.

Shape creation parameters

You can manage lots and street shapes (Lot, Segment, Node, Sidewalk, Block) in the Inspector.

Shape creation types

Additionally, the Street tool can be used to edit street widths or setup curve handles.


For each loop in the graph network, a block is automatically created; see Graphs for details.

Object attribute inheritance

  • Lots inherit the attributes of the block.
  • Street shapes inherit the attributes of the segment.
  • Intersection shapes inherit the attributes of the node.
  • New object attributes will always be added to the node or segment.

UV coordinates

UV coordinates are generated for each shape. They can be used for UV Splits and texturing. For details of the UV coordinates; see Street and intersection shape UV.

UV coordinates
UV coordinates are shown.