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Release notes

ArcGIS Earth 1.8

The following list describes API changes and updates in 1.8 release:

  • Added four new methods to the IEarthNamedpipeService interface, they are:
    • GetLayerLoadStatus
    • RemoveLayer
    • GetWorkspace
    • ImportWorkspace
  • Removed the IEarthNamedpipeCallbackService interface.
  • Updated to adopt the synchronous approach for AddLayer method. A layer ID is returned.
  • The ElevationService layer type has been removed from the AddLayer method.
  • Added ArcGIS Pro add-in example to demonstrate the latest Automation API capabilities.
  • Updated samples and source codes on ArcGIS Earth Automation API GitHub.
  • ArcGIS Earth Automation API is disabled if ArcGIS Earth is installed and launched from Microsoft Store.

ArcGIS Earth 1.7

ArcGIS Earth Automation API has been updated to adopt an asynchronous approach for the GetSnapshot method. System.Drawing.Bitmap GetSnapshot() was changed to Task<System.Drawing.Bitmap> GetSnapshotAsync().