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Include a map in your survey

Survey123 is a form-centric data collection app. The form is the first thing you see when you start your survey. A map is optional. If you want to collect location information in your survey, add a geopoint question to your survey.

When you include a geopoint field, a map is automatically added to your form.

Use an online map in your survey

In the Survey123 website, you can choose which default online basemap is used in your survey. On the Edit tab for your geopoint question, choose your preferred basemap from the Default Map drop-down list.

The Default Map drop-down list is populated by your organization's list of defined basemaps. For information on how to define these, see Configure Map Viewer. Keep in mind that your organization's basemaps may not sync up with the predefined list of basemaps provided in Survey123, which are as follows:

  • World Street Map
  • World Imagery
  • World Topography
  • Light Gray Canvas
  • OpenStreetMap
  • OpenStreetMap Humanitarian
  • OpenCycleMap