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Known issues

This topic describes features of survey creation that don't behave as expected or intended, and any potential solutions or workarounds.

To report or learn more about bugs in Survey123, visit Support.

I can't use the types of questions I want to in the Survey123 web designer.

Not all types of questions and features available in Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS are available in the web authoring environment. While there are no plans to implement all of the functionality of Survey123 Connect on the web, there will be additional types of questions that will be supported in the future.

I can't make schema updates in Survey123 Connect to my survey initially created in the Survey123 website.

This is a bug that was introduced in Survey123 2.5, stemming from Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 website creating surveys in different ways. This is planned to be fixed in a future release.

I can't format the text in my survey.

Currently, you can only apply limited HTML formatting to the header and footer of your surveys. A future release will allow you to apply this formatting to all of the labels of your survey.

My link to open Navigator for ArcGIS to a specific location isn't working.

Currently, links to open Navigator to a location defined by a question in Survey123 are not functional, because the way a geopoint is formatted by Survey123 doesn't match the Navigator URL scheme. This is planned to be addressed in a future release.