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Style your survey

The Survey123 website provides tools to configure the presentation of your survey, allowing it to stand out to users. You can change the survey's information presented in the gallery, the title present when you've opened the survey, and the colors and styling of your survey to make it visually distinct. You can also insert media into your survey and add HTML formatting.

Thumbnail, title, description, and tags

The thumbnail and survey name are important to visually differentiate your surveys in the Survey123 website . This is particularly important if you're creating multiple surveys for your own use or if field crews download more than one survey.

Use a thumbnail to differentiate your surveys
Use a thumbnail to differentiate your surveys

When you create a new survey in the Survey123 website, you'll be prompted to give your survey item a thumbnail and name.

Create New Survey dialog box

You can also optionally enter text for the item summary and tags to help identify your survey to users. The summary can be changed in the survey in the Edit pane. The summary and tags can also be edited in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS.

Set the survey title

The survey title appears when you open the survey through its viewer URL. It can provide a more detailed description of your survey. The survey title is not the same as the survey name, which is displayed in the gallery.

You can set the survey title by selecting it in the web designer. The pane on the right will switch to Edit, allowing you to change the displayed title.

Styles and customization

On the Theme tab in the design pane, you can control the basic visual elements of your survey. On this tab, you can choose a style for your survey, choosing a color or background image for your survey.

On the Settings tab, you can design the message the user receives after submitting the survey. This can just be a simple thank you message, or something more detailed, for example, you can include instructions on what to do next if the survey is part of a bigger project. You can also choose if the message will allow the user to complete the survey again.

Label HTML formatting

You can use HTML formatting in the survey's description. Applying formatting to this text can help draw attention to important information. Supported HTML formatting is as follows:

<font color="red">Text in red</font>

<a href="">Link to esri web site</a>

<b>This text is bold</b>

<i>This text is in italics</i>

<H1>Header 1</H>

<H2>Header 2</H>

Add a line break<p>into a label

<center>This text is centered</center>

<blockquote>Blockquote (indented)</blockquote>


<tt>typewrite</tt> font

<s>strikethrough</s> font

<ul><li>Unordered list,</li><li>with two items</li></ul>

<ol><li>Ordered list,</li><li>with two numbered items</li></ol>