Create jobs using a Survey123 webhook


This functionality requires a license for the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server Advanced role.

You can configure webhooks for ArcGIS Survey123 surveys to automatically create jobs in ArcGIS Workflow Manager when a survey is submitted.

Before you can submit surveys to create jobs in Workflow Manager, you must:

  • Set the allowUnsecureWebhooks parameter to true in the Workflow Manager configuration file.
  • Host the survey on the same ArcGIS Enterprise portal as Workflow Manager Server and share the survey with the user submitting the survey.


If ArcGIS Workflow Manager Server is federated with an ArcGIS Enterprise that uses Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) or Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) authentication, Survey123 webhooks can't be used to create jobs in Workflow Manager.

  1. Access the Workflow Manager web app.
  2. Click the Design tab.

    The Design page appears.


    If you don't have sufficient privileges, the Design tab is not available.

  3. Click Job Templates Job Templates.

    The Job Templates panel appears.

  4. Choose the job template that you want to use to create jobs when a survey is submitted in the Job Templates panel.

    The job template appears in the panel.


    You can type a keyword in the Search Job Templates text box to filter the list to show job templates that contain the keyword.

  5. Create an extended properties table for the job template.

    This allows survey data to be associated with the job.

  6. Take note of the ID for the workflow item and job template in your web browser's address bar.

    For example:<workflow item id>/design/jobTemplate/<job template id>

    This information is required to configure the webhook for your survey.

  7. Configure a webhook for your survey using the following parameters:

    When you create or modify a webhook for a survey, the survey must be updated in the Survey123 field app for the changes to take effect.

    1. In the Payload URL field, provide the URL for Workflow Manager using the following example:<workflow item id>/webhooks/createJobFromSurveyResponse/<job template id>
    2. In the Trigger events section, check the New record submitted check box.
    3. In the Event data section, check the following check boxes:
      • Survey info
      • Submitted record
      • Portal info

The webhook is ready to create jobs in Workflow Manager when a survey response is submitted.

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