Add layers from ArcGIS

ArcGIS Maps for Office works directly with the ArcGIS platform, allowing you to search for content within your organization and, if enabled by your administrator, public content published by the GIS community, including Esri, local governments, and agencies around the world. Adding data from ArcGIS is a quick way to add content to your map to complement your existing spreadsheet data. For example, you may have data showing proposed store locations and want to add a household income layer from ArcGIS for those areas to get a better understanding of the potential site neighborhoods.

To add a layer from ArcGIS, do the following:

  1. Sign in to ArcGIS if you are not already signed in and add a map to your spreadsheet.
  2. On the map toolbar, click ArcGIS data Add layer from ArcGIS.
  3. Search for a layer to add to the map in any of the following ways:
    • From the drop-down menu, choose the area of your ArcGIS organization to search.

      ArcGIS Maps for Office filters out unsupported item types, including KML layers. These will not appear in your search results.

    • Type one or more keywords in the search field and press Enter.

      To search using tags, type the keyword tags: followed by the name of the tag you want to find; for example, type tags:myTag. The tags keyword must be lowercase.

    The ArcGIS data pane shows the results of your search.

    ArcGIS data search results
    • If your organization's administrator has restricted the ability to search for content outside of your organization, the search only returns results from your organization.
    • To style the layer in ArcGIS Maps for Office, the item you add must be a feature service or a web map; these contain the data used to create the layer. If you add a map service layer, the Style layer option is not available.
  4. To sort the results, click the Sort button Sort search results.

    You can sort by date modified, title, oldest, or most recent.

  5. To filter the search results, click the Filter button Filter search results and specify the filtering parameters.
    • Check the Only show content within map area check box to restrict the search results to the current map extent.
    • Filter by folder, item type, date modified, date created, tags, shared state, or status. Click to expand a section and choose an option. Click Clear to remove the filter.
  6. From the search results, click a service to view detailed information about it. Click the name link to view the author's profile in ArcGIS.
  7. Find the service you want and click its Add button Add to map.

    You can also add the layer by clicking Add to map in the Item details pane. Click either button again to remove the layer from the map.

    A layer containing the data is added to the map and the map view zooms to display the full extent of the layer.


    • Depending on the data you add, you may consume ArcGIS credits. To help you estimate how many credits you'll use, see Understand credits.
    • Only operational layers or web maps are added to the map; basemaps are not included.

  8. When you've finished adding layers from ArcGIS, click Close Close to close the pane.