Compilation window

Begin your map compilation in the Compilation window. Use this window to do the following:

The Compilation window is a WYSIWYG display. It displays map content at the scale of the active mapboard.


If you're using an .aix file, the window doesn't display the layers from your ArcGIS Pro project, but when you sync the compiled map into your artwork layers, the added content will be spatially aligned and clipped appropriately.

You can search and add content from a variety of sources. Using the Add Content button, you can add web maps and map layers available in your organization, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Living Atlas galleries. You can also add local data to the Compilation window.


If you use public data in your maps, review the summary of permitted use and data attribution requirements. For complete details, see the full terms of use.

Web maps and map layers can be authored to display different levels of detail of geographic features at different scales to improve the map's usability. For example, a high level of detail of road features will generally not be displayed at county- or state-level scales but will be present at city- or block-level map scales. The Compilation window allows you to pan the map and examine the level of detail for all added content. The scale of an unlocked mapboard can be modified in the Mapboards window to refine the level of detail required.

Because the Compilation window always reflects the state of the active mapboard, changes made to an unlocked mapboard will refresh the content of the Compilation window and generate a new preview.


If a basemap is displayed in the Compilation window and you don't want to download it when you sync the map, click the layer's Toggles Sync button Toggles Sync in the Contents pane to exclude the basemap.