Imagery Viewer

Use Imagery Viewer to visualize and explore imagery through time and space. This app includes tools for navigating through time, recording locations, measurement, and more. A single-image configuration allows users to focus on one imagery layer and a two-image configuration allows users to compare two imagery layers using a swipe tool.


Choose this template to create an app for use cases such as the following examples:

  • Investigate urban expansion in a major city by comparing changes to imagery over time.
  • Record the location of a point of interest identified from a high-resolution satellite image.
  • Document notes about newly constructed houses, including calculating building heights in-app.

Data requirements

The Imagery Viewer app requires a web map with at least one imagery layer.

App capabilities

The following list includes some key settings and capabilities that you can configure for this app:

  • Visualize imagery layers (and non-imagery layers) from the app's web map.
  • Explore an imagery layer through time for an area of interest.
  • Zoom to areas of interest using spatial bookmarks (or allow users to create their own bookmarks).
  • Select specific images from a layer to visualize.
  • Use the Swipe tool to compare differences between images in a map.
  • Perform image measurement on imagery layers that have mensuration capabilities.
  • Export an imagery layer to the user's local machine or as a layer in their organization.

All Instant Apps templates include settings for a Home button and zoom controls, a legend, and the ability to search the map or data.