3D Viewer

3D Viewer showcases a scene with default 3D navigation tools, including zoom controls, pan, rotate, and compass. Include an inset map and bookmarks to provide context to the scene and guide app users to points of interest. Line of sight, measure, and slice tools allow users to interpret 3D data. Set the option to disable scrolling in the app to seamlessly embed this app in another app or site. (To learn more, see the blog article about using 3D Viewer.)


Choose this template to create an app for use cases such as the following examples:

  • Present a detailed 3D view of a mountainous region at a large scale while the 2D inset map provides an overview of where you are in the world.
  • Display a detailed 3D plan for new urban development that app users can explore with slice and measurement tools.
  • Allow users to visualize the impact of shadows on a scene using daylight animation.

Data requirements

The 3D Viewer app requires a web scene.

App capabilities

The following list includes some key settings and capabilities that you can configure for this app:

  • 3D navigation and compass—Allows app users to pan or rotate the scene and orient their view to north.
  • Locator map—Shows an inset map with the app's map area in the context of a broader area.
  • Line of sight—Visualizes whether one or multiple targets are visible from an observer point.
  • Measurement tools—Provides tools to measure distance and area and find and convert coordinates.
  • Slice—Excludes specific layers to change the view of a scene.
  • Display preset slides—Zooms and pans the map to a collection of preset extents that are saved in the scene (like bookmarks).
  • Layer list—Displays a list of layers with options to turn visibility off and on in the scene. This setting also allows opening a layer's attribute table, which includes an option for users to export records as a .csv file.
  • Disable scroll—Prevents the map from zooming when app users scroll.
  • Elevation profile—Generates an elevation profile graph across an input line feature that can be selected in the scene or from drawing a single or multi-segment line using the tool.
  • Time—Provides a configurable time slider that animates changes in data over time.
  • Cover page—Appears when users open the app and includes information to establish your app's purpose.

All Instant Apps templates include settings for a Home button and zoom controls, a legend, and the ability to search the map or data.