Share a workbook

Insights in ArcGIS Online
Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise

Sharing workbooks is not supported in Insights desktop. Workbooks can be saved locally or exported in a package. You can also share a model and use it to recreate the workbook pages in your ArcGIS organization.

Insights workbooks can be used to share your analysis with your colleagues. You can share your workbooks with groups, your organization, or the public. You can also access workbooks that have been shared with you from the Workbooks tab on the home page or through the Gallery in your ArcGIS organization.


Users with Administrator privileges will have access to all workbooks created within their organization, regardless of whether or not the workbook is shared.

Share your workbook

A workbook item is created automatically when a new workbook is created. The status of the Workbook item can be changed using the Share button Share for the item on the home page.


When you share a workbook, you are providing read-only access to those with whom you share it. You will still have full editing access for workbooks you created.

For more information, see Share your work.

Use shared workbooks

Workbooks that were created by other users and shared with you can be opened in viewer mode with capabilities to explore the data, but not edit any aspects of the workbook, including performing analysis or adding and deleting cards.

If you want to edit a workbook created and shared by another user, you can make a copy using the Duplicate button Duplicate for the item on the Workbooks tab of the home page. You will have full editing privileges for any workbook you duplicate.


Workbooks shared through a distributed or partnered collaboration cannot be duplicated.

Data in shared workbooks

When a workbook is shared, it is best practice to also share all the feature layers used in the workbook so that the entire analysis is accessible to everyone using the workbook.

When you open a workbook that has been shared with you, the following datasets will be visible:

  • Public data, such as ArcGIS Living Atlas layers
  • All result datasets
  • All datasets that you own
  • All Excel input datasets
  • All database datasets (available in Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise and Insights desktop)
  • Input feature layers that have been shared with everyone, your organization, or groups of which you are a member.