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Predict Variable uses a regression model to predict new values in a dataset. Predict Variable must be used in conjunction with Create Regression Model.


An environmental organization is trying to predict the future greenhouse gas emissions by country until 2050. An analyst from the organization created a regression model using population and gross domestic product (GDP) with Create Regression Model. The analyst can then use the model and projected population and GDP values to predict the future greenhouse gas emissions per country using Predict Variable.

Run Predict Variable

Use the following steps to predict variables:

  1. Create a map, chart, or table using the dataset with which you want to predict a variable.
  2. Click the Action button Action.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • For chart and table cards, click How is it related in the Analytics pane.
    • For a map card, click the Find answers tab and click How is it related.
  4. Click Predict Variable.
  5. For Choose a layer, select the dataset to use to predict a variable.
  6. For Choose the regression model layer, select the function dataset you want to use as a model.

    The function dataset must be created using Create Regression Model.

  7. For Map variables, select the fields in the input layer that correspond to the explanatory variables in the regression model.
  8. Click Run.

A dataset is created with the estimated values based on the regression model and input variables.


Drag-N Drop You can also open the Predict Variable pane by dragging a function dataset onto a map card.

Usage notes

To access Predict Variable, click the Action button Action under How is it related on the Find answers tab. You can also open the Predict Variable pane by dragging a function dataset onto a map card.

You must specify a regression model in the form of a function dataset to use Predict Variable. You can create a model using Create Regression Model. The equation and statistics for the model are displayed on the dialog box.

The Map variables parameter is used to match explanatory variables from the regression model to fields in the input dataset.