Supported browsers

Insights in ArcGIS Online
Insights in ArcGIS Enterprise

For the best performance with ArcGIS Insights, use the latest version of your browser. Insights supports the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge*
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • macOS Safari

*Microsoft Edge Legacy is no longer supported in Insights. For best results, use the latest version of Microsoft Edge.


In addition to the supported browsers, Insights also supports iOS Safari (tablets only) for viewing content.


Enabling hardware acceleration is recommended for cards to display correctly in the browser. If your cards are not displaying correctly (for example, the basemap and features do not extend to the bottom of a map card), you can verify if hardware acceleration is the issue by enabling Override software rendering list on the browser's flags menu (for example, chrome://flags). If enabling Override software rendering list fixes the display issues, then the issue can be fixed permanently by upgrading your system (including drivers and hardware) so that it is supported by the browser you are using.

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