Prerequisites for Indoor Viewer

Available with the ArcGIS Indoors Maps extension.

Complete the following prerequisites before deploying Indoor Viewer:

  1. Curate data in ArcGIS Pro
  2. Prepare a map with pop-ups configured
  3. Identify kiosk locations
  4. Share a web map or scene from ArcGIS Pro to your ArcGIS organization
  5. Provide network or closest facility services
  6. Configure user access to services

Curate data in ArcGIS Pro

The first part of the process is preparing data to use for Viewer. The web map needs to contain several important layers and tables that the app uses to present a compelling indoor user experience. The layers in the map must conform to the ArcGIS Indoors Information Model and be authored in a way that's ready to use in Viewer.

Maps and scenes need to contain the following layers for use in Viewer:

  • Facilities (buildings)
  • Details
  • Units
  • Levels (floors)
  • Additional layers that contain features you want to include in your Viewer app (for example, features that users may want to find on a map such as bike racks or ATMs, features to use as landmarks in routable directions, or events)

If displaying space assignments from Space Planner, the occupants feature class and Areas table are required. The IndoorsConfig table is optional.

Learn more about preparing your data

Create a map with pop-ups configured

Viewer respects pop-ups that are configured in ArcGIS Pro before sharing the web map or web scene, or those configured in the Map Viewer in your ArcGIS organization.

You can select an individual item in the map or scene in Viewer, and information about that item will show in an info panel. Viewer uses pop-ups to determine what displays in the info panel for a selected item. Pop-ups are a convenient way to present information about any feature in your Indoors map or scene.

Learn more about preparing a map for Viewer in ArcGIS Pro or configuring pop-ups in ArcGIS Enterprise.

Identify kiosk locations

When deploying kiosk mode, consider mapping out your kiosk locations. The location information can be used to help you determine if your organization requires a unique map or scene services in your portal for each of the kiosks. This also allows you to configure kiosks with location-specific information to ensure a consistent user experience.

Share services

To use the Viewer app, you need to share a 2D web map, and optionally a 3D web scene, from ArcGIS Pro to Enterprise to use in Viewer.

In addition, you need to have other services shared to enable other functionality in the app, such as scene views, routing, and sorting by proximity. Finally, you need to have a default print service set up in your portal to enable printing for Viewer in Enterprise.

Sharing an indoor map is similar to publishing any other map. You can maximize performance and control the presentation of information in a way that is useful.


You can do a lot to ensure that the maps and scenes you use in Viewer perform at a high level and serve your target audience reliably.

Learn more about best practices for using layers in maps and best practices for scene performance.

Provide network or closest facility

To use the routing and directions functionality, a routing service is required. Optionally, a closest facility service allows the app to sort search results by distance.

Learn more about sharing route and closest facility web layers

Configure user access to services

User access to Viewer is controlled by the sharing permissions on the app’s services. You can share the services that the app uses from Enterprise to anyone who needs to use the app. If the services are not shared with everyone, the app will ask people to sign in with their ArcGIS organization credentials, and they will not be able to use the app until they do. If all services are shared with everyone, anyone can use the app without signing in. Additionally, Viewer uses the default print service set in the ArcGIS organization.


You need to license Viewer for ArcGIS Enterprise.

To share Viewer with everyone, ensure that anonymous access is enabled for your ArcGIS organization.

Additional configuration for kiosk mode

Access to the services for kiosk mode is configured in your ArcGIS organization. Depending on how you want to share the services from ArcGIS Enterprise, you can configure a single service to share across all kiosks or individual services for each of the kiosks in your deployment. If you don't want to force the kiosk users to sign in, you can share the services kiosk mode uses with everyone. If the services are not shared with everyone, users will be required to sign in with their ArcGIS organization credentials to access kiosk mode.

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