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Guidance for management workflows

Generally, the workflow for managing and publishing multidimensional datasets includes some or all of the following steps (with links to relevant Help documentation):

  1. Create a mosaic dataset (optional)

    Open-source Python scripts from Esri, called MDCS, are also available to help automate the creation of mosaic datasets.

    Once you’ve created a mosaic dataset, you have two options:

    • You can publish the mosaic dataset directly as an image service.
    • You can convert it to CRF, optionally build a transpose, then publish the CRF as an image service.
  2. Create a CRF and build a transpose (optional)

    Building a transpose CRF will write a temporary file in the output folder; you should have at least twice the disk space of the transpose available.

  3. Configure processing templates (optional)

    CRF supports processing templates in ArcGIS Pro 2.7+.

  4. Publish the image service
  5. Update the image service