Release notes for ArcGIS GeoBIM for ArcGIS Enterprise 11.2

The updates below have been made in ArcGIS GeoBIM.

Known issues

The following are known issues for this release:

  • There is no warning that the character limit has been exceeded when creating a new ArcGIS GeoBIM project.
    • Workaround: Limit project name to 97 characters
  • When you select a point feature (an issue or location note) in the Table widget and click the Display in Map button in your ArcGIS GeoBIM app, your map does not zoom to that issue or note in the map or scene but remains at the initial zoom level.
  • Empty layers zoom to Null Island after you click the Go to Layer Extent button in the Layers widget.
  • When selecting a document, BIM project, or schedule, the display name does not appear in the Link Explorer.
  • Creating a note with an attachment results in an error that says something went wrong.
    • Workaround: Create the note first, and then edit it to add an attachment.
  • The Time slider does not display the correct error message after all features are deleted on a time-enabled layer in ArcGIS GeoBIM
    • Workaround: Manually refresh time setting for layer.
  • When editing line or polyline geometry in a web map on ArcGIS GeoBIM for ArcGIS Enterprise, an error says Edits could not be saved: Geometry does not have a z-value or has null values.
    • Workaround: Edit note feature geometry in the source web map.
  • The Link Explorer shows file types that are linked using a DocumentName link rule that are not supported by the Autodesk Forge Viewer.
  • Adding a web map/scene from ArcGIS Online to an ArcGIS GeoBIM app results in a Creating map failed. error message appearing in map viewer.
  • Page continually loads after enabling ArcGIS Field Maps. This is a result of the project name being too long to create the required feature service view.
    • Workaround: Limit project name to 97 characters.
  • Images attached to notes from Android devices fail to show the image preview in the map pop-up.
    • Workaround: Click the image link to view attached image.
  • Unable to create notes in ArcGIS Field Maps

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