Feature Info widget

The Feature Info widget shows details about data from a feature layer or scene layer. It inherits the pop-up content defined for the associated feature layer (see Pop-ups: the essentials for details). If pop-ups aren’t configured for the feature layer, the widget returns a list of all the attributes from the feature layer instead. For scene layers, pop-up configuration is not supported, so the widget returns a list of all the attributes about the scene data.


Use this widget to support app design requirements such as the following:

  • You want to display features’ pop-up content in a large frame outside a map. You can put it alongside a map to interact with the map. On a smaller mobile screen, the Feature Info widget can display information clearly and appropriately.
  • You need to check a feature’s attributes when working with a List widget.

Usage notes

This widget requires that a data source be set. You can set actions for a Feature Info widget to interact with other widgets, such as zooming to the feature on a map in a Map widget or filtering out the feature on a List widget. You can also use this widget to display feature attributes without including a map in the app.


The Feature Info widget includes the following settings:

  • Source—Select the data source for a layer with attributes to show in the widget. In the data view settings, you can filter the data to restrict what appears in the widget, sort the data to display features in a particular order, or limit the number of features.
  • Details options—The pop-up information includes title, content, media, and attachments. If the feature layer has update tracking enabled, the pop-up can also include details for the last edit made. When configuring a Feature Info widget, you can optionally turn these details on or off, depending on what’s necessary to display in your app.
  • Style—By default, the text content follows the theme style. You can also change the text size and color. When the layer has a custom pop-up, you can choose whether or not to respect the source style.
  • No data message—Decide what message to show in the Feature Info widget when a feature is missing the expected attribute or no features in the layer meet specified criteria.