What's new

This release of ArcGIS Excalibur has various new improvements and new features.

  • Use ArcGIS Knowledge spatial entities as observation layers to collect, copy, and delete observations.
  • Create fields with new field types: Time only, Date only, Timestamp offset, and Big integer.
  • View a list of observations layers in the portal with the new Observation Layers List. With it you can manage and configure observation layers outside of a project.
  • View a full page of details for each layer with updated Analysis Layers.
  • Run multiple searches on the same imagery with Search and Discover and build a queue list from successive queries.
  • Add instructional resources to Excalibur projects to provide additional guidance, materials, and references. You can include Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, image files, PDFs, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
  • Related Information Products now shows supported item types associated with Excalibur projects. See related types such as image files, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, ArcGIS Dashboards, ArcGIS StoryMaps, and ArcGIS Experience Builder applications.