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Select fields

The Select fields tool maintains one or more specified fields in the output dataset. The output is a new dataset containing only the specified fields.


The Select fields tool can be used in scenarios such as the following:

  • Remove unwanted fields from a tabular dataset.
  • Select only the relevant fields before joining two datasets.
  • Select nested fields from within struct fields.


The following table outlines the parameters used in the Select fields tool:


Input dataset

The dataset from which fields will be selected.


A list of the selected fields that will be maintained in the output dataset.

Usage notes

Use the Input dataset parameter to specify the dataset that contains the fields you want to select.

Use the Fields parameter to select the fields you want to keep. You can browse into fields of type struct to select one or more keys of interest and return them as new fields.


The tool outputs the input dataset containing only the selected fields. Selected fields will be returned with their original name and type.

Licensing requirements

The following licensing and configurations are required:

  • Creator or Professional user type
  • Publisher, Facilitator, or Administrator role, or an equivalent custom role

To learn more about Data Pipelines requirements, see Requirements.