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Set up ArcGIS Data Appliance 2023

You set up ArcGIS Data Appliance by connecting the appliance to your ArcGIS Server and publishing the ArcGIS Data Appliance maps through ArcGIS Server. You publish the services using the service definition files and their associated map caches that are included with each data collection.

Before you set up ArcGIS Data Appliance, ensure that you have all the contents in the box that was shipped to you. For detailed information about what should be included in the box and other hardware information, see Under Arxys Support Documentation, select the ArcGIS Data Appliance tab.

In addition, verify that all the necessary system requirements are met.

When the ArcGIS Data Appliance 2023 setup is complete, you'll have all your services ready to use on your ArcGIS Server. Setup instructions vary depending on whether you are a new or existing user, so follow the instructions that apply to you: