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A new Collector app is available on Android and iOS. For help with the new app, see Troubleshoot.

The following are some troubleshooting tips that Collector map authors may find helpful. For troubleshooting tips when using maps, see Troubleshooting in Collect Data.

I made a map and signed in to Collector with the same account. Why can't I find my map in the app?

Collector works with maps that contain an editable feature layer. If the map doesn't have an editable feature layer, it doesn't appear in Collector.

I made a map. Why can't others in my organization find it in Collector?

Your data collectors must have access to your map and the data it contains to use it in Collector. Make sure your data and maps are accessible by sharing them with a group in your organization. See Share items with a group in the ArcGIS Online help.

Why can't I find a particular datum transformation in Collector?

Collector supports a large number of datum transformations; however, some are not currently supported, such as grid-based transformations. For a list of supported transformations, see Datum transformations in the ArcGIS REST API help. If your desired transformation is not listed, contact Esri Support.

Does Collector store the altitude on the z-value of a geometry?

Collector does not support directly storing the altitude on the z-value of a geometry. This will be supported in an upcoming release. Currently, you can capture the altitude values of point features, and use the ProjectZ geoprocessing tool to transfer these values to geometry z-values.