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Configure map capabilities


A new Collector app is available on Android and iOS. For help with the new app, see Configure search.

As the author of a map used in Collector, there are some capabilities you can enable or disable as required by your data collectors. These include routing, measuring, changing basemaps, finding locations, and whether or not the location of the collectors is tracked. By default, routing, measuring, changing basemaps, and finding locations by address are enabled, while finding locations by layer (feature search) and tracking location are disabled. To configure these capabilities, when authoring the map or at a later date, edit the map's details on your organization's website by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into your organization.
  2. Click Content, go to the My Content tab, and browse to the map.
  3. Click the name of your map to view its item details.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Scroll down to view and modify the Application Settings in the Web Map Settings section on the page.

    If you have an existing map with an editable feature layer, and you are not seeing the application property options, this map was created before application properties were supported. To get the application properties, re-save the map.

  6. Choose the features to enable or disable. Routing, Measure Tool, Basemap Selector, and Find Locations By Address are enabled by default. Find Locations By Layer (feature search) is disabled by default. Track Location is only visible if your map includes a tracking layer, and it is disabled by default.
    • Routing—Enables collectors to get directions from their location to places of interest.
    • Measure Tool—Enables collectors to measure lines and areas on the map.
    • Basemap Selector—Enables collectors to change the basemap (also known as the reference map or background map). This changes the context for the other data.
    • Track Location—Enables you to track where collectors go.

      Tracking location is only available if your map contains a hosted feature layer created from the Location Tracking template to use when tracking. See Track where collectors go.

      If you enable location tracking, specify how often the collector's location is recorded. To do so, set a time frame for tracking in the drop-down list next to the Track Location property.

    • Find Locations—Enables collectors to locate features in a layer or find addresses within your map. See Configure feature search in the ArcGIS Online help for details on configuring feature search.
  7. Click Save to update your map with the specified Application Settings.