Welcome to the ArcGIS CityEngine tutorials.

CityEngine scene of buildings on a street

The CityEngine tutorials are a good starting point to learn the important features of CityEngine.

The Essentials tutorials are presented in a storytelling format and describe real-world scenarios using CityEngine. They introduce you to many CityEngine concepts and common workflows, from navigating and drawing to CGA modeling and creating scenarios.

Tutorials in the Classic Tutorial Series offer more focused learning, are structured in workflows, and cover specific areas in CityEngine. The tutorials cover all parts CityEngine workflows, such as project management, map layer usage, street network generation, importing and exporting, and shape grammar modeling.

To access the tutorial projects in CityEngine, open CityEngine and click Help > Download Tutorials and Examples in the main menu. After choosing a tutorial or example, the project is automatically downloaded and added to your CityEngine workspace.

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