assetsSortSize function


  • string assetsSortSize(filePathList, axisSize, maxScaleError)
  • string[] assetsSortSize(filePaths, axisSize, maxScaleError)


  1. filePathListstring
    String list with geometry files, separated with ";" (also after the last entry).
  2. filePathsstring[]
    String array with geometry files.
  3. axisSizeselector
    { x | y | z | xy | xz | yz | xyz }— Defines which scope axes size is used as a reference.
  4. maxScaleErrorfloat
    Controls file selection. If it is 0 all input files are returned, sorted depending on their size. If the value is > 0, only a subset of the input files is returned: 0.1 means that maximum +-10% scaling is allowed.


A string list or a string array with all or a subset of the files in the input filePathList/filePaths, sorted in order how good they match the reference size (first is best, last is worst). The maxScaleError parameter can be used to only take the geometry assets matching a certain size range.


The assetsSortSize function looks at all geometry files in the input filePathList/filePaths and sorts them depending on their size relative to their size of the scope axes defined by maxScaleError.