Updating data in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise

Available with Business Analyst license.

An annual update of the U.S. data is available with Business Analyst Enterprise and can be downloaded from My Esri. The U.S. 2021 was made available in August and can be downloaded now. This topic will instruct you on how to download, extract, and deploy the updated data to the system.

Downloading the data from My Esri

This video tutorial will provide a step-by-step walk-through on updating the data in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise from an older version to a more current version. The walk-through covers in detail, the steps for downloading and extracting the files from My Esri, updating the data license, and deploying the updated U.S. data to the system.

  1. On the My Esri site, click My Organizations and click Downloads.
  2. Ensure you are in the Products section. Under the All Other Products heading, enter Business Analyst or Business in the Quick Search text box.
  3. Locate ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise with 2021 U.S. Data and click View Downloads.

    The 2021 U.S. data page is opened. Ensure the Download Components tab is highlighted.

  4. Under the Data and Content heading, there are five files listed.
  5. Download all five files.

Extracting downloads

  1. The Business Analyst Enterprise 2021 Data for the U.S. is split into two 7-Zip archive files because of the size of the download. 7-Zip will be needed to extract it. Only the first file with the extension of 001 needs to be extracted, 7-Zip will automatically extract the second part of the archive with the 002 extension along with it.

    7-Zip is a free software download that can be used on any computer without needing to be registered, if it is not already installed, it can be downloaded from the 7-Zip website.

  2. The streets data is also split into two 7-Zip archive files because of the size of the download. Use 7-Zip to extract the first file with the 001 extension and second part of the archive with the 002 extension along with it.
  3. The Geocoding data is a single zip folder and can be extracted with 7-Zip or with the built in Windows installer.
  4. After extracting these files, there should be three folders:

    • GEDatapack_USA_2021R1.zip
    • Streets Data
    • Geocoding Data for ArcGIS Pro

Deploying the updated data to Business Analyst Enterprise

  1. Install the GEDatapack_USA_2021R1.zip file to the GeoEnrichment Server using the GeoEnrichment data management utility.

    There is no need to remove the previous vintage of data first, the wizard will replace the 2020 with the 2021 in a single run. See Installing data packs, for a walk-through on using the GeoEnrichment data management utility.

  2. Update the routing services with the updated 2021 streets data.
    1. Apply the updated data license file for the streets data. The .sdlic file can now be downloaded from My Esri by clicking on My Organizations and then clicking on Licensing and then License Files. There should be a section called License Files related to Business Analyst and ArcGIS StreetMap Premium. See Publishing a network utility service.
    2. Delete the existing routing services from ArcGIS Server Manager as the publish routing services utility cannot overwrite them. The entire routing folder can be deleted, and it will delete all of the service within the folder.
      ArcGIS Server Manager
    3. Publish new routing services from the 2021 data following the walk-through in this topic.
  3. Share the updated 2021 USA address locator in the as a geocoding service:
    1. Add the 2021 USA address locator to ArcGIS Pro and share as a service. See Sharing the locator as a hosted service.
    2. Configure it as a utility service in the portal. See Configuring as a utility service.
    3. The 2020 USA geocode service can be deleted from ArcGIS Server Manager as it's no longer needed.