ArcGIS StoryMaps administration on ArcGIS Enterprise

ArcGIS Enterprise portal administrators can configure certain capabilities of ArcGIS StoryMaps by selecting the organization settings on their profile menu.


Administrators can configure the following options:

  • Show social media sharing buttons—Encourage the promotion of publicly published stories by showing icons to share them on social media platforms (default: disabled).
  • Allow authors to use Google Analytics—Allow authors to track views, audience statistics, and more using Google Analytics (default: disabled).
  • Enabled linked media—Permit authors to embed media from external websites (default: enabled).
  • Show beta features—Allow authors to use features that are still in beta (default: disabled).


Configure themes using an Approved themes group and use Google Fonts in themes.

Approved themes

An administrator can select an Approved themes group that contains themes that are recommended for use by members of the organization. Themes shared with this group appear on the Approved tab on the Themes page.

Google Fonts

To enable Google Fonts for your organization, an administrator must provide a valid Google Fonts API key.

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