An overview of the Utility Network Package toolbox

The Utility Network Package toolbox contains tools to simplify the configuration and export of a utility network. The tools and toolsets are supported with ArcGIS Desktop Standard and ArcGIS Desktop Advanced licenses.

Follow these steps to Install the toolbox.

The steps below to illustrate working with the Utility Network Package tools.

  1. Create the utility network dataset using the Stage Utility Network geoprocessing tool. This tool automates a series of geoprocessing calls and ensures the service territory feature class meets the requirements for a utility network. The result of the tool is a feature dataset in your geodatabase with a utility network defined and service territory loaded.

  2. Update the definition of the structure network and create an industry domain using an asset package and the Apply Asset Package geoprocessing tool. When selecting an asset package, you can leverage those provided by Esri from our list of ArcGIS Solutions or your own asset package.
  3. Add another domain network or update your existing configuration using an asset package and the Apply Asset Package geoprocessing tool. This tool is additive, and when run against a configured utility network only the additions will be applied. Existing properties are not removed or changed. Using this tool allows you to combine multiple domain networks in a single utility network or add on to an existing utility network.
  4. Create a backup of a utility network to move between systems using the Export Asset Package geoprocessing tool. This tool allows you to export both the schema and data of a utility network. You can also use this tool to define an asset package from a blank or partially configured utility network.

Review the asset package schema to learn more about the components of a utility network.

Stage Utility Network

Creates the required data structure and utility network in a geodatabase.

Tools in the Utility Network Package toolbox

Asset Package

The Asset Package toolset in the Utility Network Package toolbox provides tools to work with asset packages.

Tools in the Asset Package toolset


The Data toolset contains tools that create and modify utility network features.

Tools in the Data toolset