An overview of the Data Loading toolbox

The Data Loading toolbox contains tools to streamline data loading from a source schema to a target schema. The toolbox contains the following tools:


The Data Loading tools are now included in ArcGIS Pro Pro 3.2 within the Data Management toolbox. For earlier versions of the Data Loading tools, refer to the tool documentation below.

Append with Transformation

Append a source dataset to an existing target dataset with transformation.

Create Data Loading Workspace

This tool creates a Data Loading Workspace that can be used for data loading. The generated workspace contains a collection of Microsoft Excel workbooks.

Execute Data Load

This tool uses the Data Reference workbook from the Data Loading Workspace to load data.

Generate Predefined Mapping Table

This tool generates a predefined mapping table based on a configured Data Loading Workspace.

Update Data Loading Workspace Schema

This tool creates a copy of a Data Loading Workspace and updates all mapping and domain workbooks.