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Bring all the steps of your planning workflow into one place. You can use GeoPlanner to make location-driven decisions on land use, natural resource conservation, forestry management, and landscape architecture. From project creation and data management to evaluating scenarios and preparing reports, you can manage your planning process more efficiently.

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Manage Your Planning Data

Use your own planning data and get started quickly with ready-to-use landscape layers in GeoPlanner. Discover planning datasets shared by others on ArcGIS Online and add them to your project.

Make Better Geodesign Decisions

Manage a complete planning process in a single web app and enable collaboration among team members. Access GeoPlanner dashboards and planning alternatives from anywhere using mobile devices.

Assess Site Suitability

Combine factors such as slope, aspect, population, and distance to water to understand risks in your planning area. For example, overlay insect and disease risk, wildland fire potential, and woody biomass to identify areas in a forest that are at highest risk for fire.

Compare Design Alternatives

Evaluate and compare development scenarios using dashboards. Get started with ready-to-use templates or create custom templates to meet the needs of your industry.

Start creating and sharing planning designs.

How Organizations Use GeoPlanner

PlaceWorks is using GeoPlanner to help City of Menlo Park planners deal with Facebook’s rapid growth in the area. [PDF]

Hear David Early of PlaceWorks discuss GreenScore, and how GeoPlanner and Story Maps increase citizen engagement.

See how 2D planning in GeoPlanner is used for detailed street design in 3D using ArcGIS Pro and CityEngine.

See how GeoPlanner was used in tsunami-damaged Soma City’s design and restoration.

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