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What is ArcGIS Urban

ArcGIS Urban is a web-based solution that applies GIS technology to urban planning to streamline plan creation, analyze the impact of plans, visualize current projects, and facilitate public engagement. In addition to helping you design, manage, and measure urban developments, ArcGIS Urban allows you to visualize citywide plans and projects in one place for collaboration among stakeholders.

With ArcGIS Urban, you can do the following:

  • View a digital representation of your city in which all urban developments are visualized in one place for collaboration among stakeholder groups.
  • Compare design scenarios.
  • Visualize zoning rules in 3D—Convert legal text into a visual representation that can be used for detailed scenario planning down to the parcel level.
  • Generate plausible buildings.
  • Analyze the impact of plans with automatically generated capacity indicators data.


The Overview is visible when you open the app. It contains a 3D representation of your city along with all of its published plans and projects, indicators, and ideas. These four key elements comprise the Overview and can be explored and searched through using the left side panel. Additionally, if you have the appropriate permissions, the Overview contains functions that allow you to add plans, projects, indicators, and ideas, and to access the Plan Designer. A citizen without a login can access the Overview and add ideas.

Plan Designer

The Plan Designer can only be accessed by those with the appropriate licensing and permissions. The Plan Designer allows you to create multiple alternative scenarios to a plan. As you edit zoning, zoning overlays, and parcels, the Urban dashboards allow you to analyze the probable impacts by comparing your current scenario designs to the existing condition and a target set by you. Use assessments in Urban dashboards to help understand how your designs interact with a parcel or site. Once designs are finalized, the appropriate scenarios can be made public in the Overview for citizens to view.


The following are helpful navigation actions you can use in ArcGIS Urban:







Zoom in at pointer

Mouse scroll

Zoom in or out

Press N

Set your view to north orientation

Press P

Set your view perpendicular to the ground

Press J

Move down, closer to the view

Press U

Move up, away from the view

Press arrow keys

Move the view left, right, up, or down