Indicators provide additional contextual information about your work and your city. ArcGIS Urban supports two types of indicators:

  • Custom indicators Custom indicator icon
  • ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World indicators ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World indicator icon

The public can view indicators. Users with the appropriate licensing and permissions can curate these indicators. To access the indicators, click the Indicator button below the search field in the overview.

Custom indicators

Custom indicators can be prepublished web scenes and dashboards that you create from data synthesis or spatial analysis and reference in ArcGIS Urban. This means that any GIS data that you can display on a map or in a scene can be used as a custom indicator. With the appropriate permissions, you can add a custom indicator by clicking the add button Add button in the overview and completing the input fields on the dialog box.

For details and step-by-step instructions, see Work with indicators.

ArcGIS Living Atlas indicators

ArcGIS Living Atlas indicators are available when you create an urban model based on the USA Default Urban template. They are only available for cities in the United States. You cannot add them manually. ArcGIS Living Atlas indicators include data regarding general topics of interest such as population, housing, and education.