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What's new in Survey123

Features have been added to Survey123 progressively. This topic lists the features that were added at the different stages of release this year. For a list of all updates made throughout the life of Survey123, see the What's new archive.

Update January 21, 2020

Survey123 website

Fixes and improvements include the following:

  • Feature reports now include a preview mode, to allow for testing a report template without consuming credits.
  • Feature reports now support PDF as an output format.
  • New expressions are now supported in feature report templates, including utcOffset, selected, countSelected, and selectedAt. For more information, see Feature report templates.
  • Groups, repeats, and individual questions within repeats can now be hidden by conditional statements in feature reports.
  • Labels have been improved for bar charts with a large amount of choices or long choice labels.
  • The default basemap for a geopoint question set in Survey123 Connect is now honored in the Survey123 web app.
  • Stakeholders and field workers can now edit their survey responses through the Survey123 web app.
  • Users with an Administrator role are now able to share a survey to everyone, even if the organization has disabled the ability to share content publicly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused select one responses with a comma in the name value to not display in feature reports.
  • Geopoint questions using the hide-input appearance no longer report identical easting and northing UTM coordinates.
  • On Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, improved location capture.
  • Fixed a bug that caused surveys to fail to publish in the Survey123 web designer after adding an image URL link.
  • Images in note questions now honor their alignment settings in the web app.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pressing Enter on text questions to sometimes open the device's camera.
  • Fixed issues with capturing current time in the web app.

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