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What's new in Survey123

Features have been added to Survey123 progressively. This topic lists the features that were added at the different stages of release this year. For a list of all updates made throughout the life of Survey123, see the What's new archive.

Current update

Survey123 Connect (Build 2.6.6) and Survey123 field app (Build 2.6.9)

Fixes and additions include the following:

  • New appearance types spike and spike-full-measure have been added for image questions. These appearance types integrate your survey with the Spike laser measurement solution developed by ikeGPS for iOS and Android, allowing your survey to use photos taken with Spike and to extract values saved in the image. For information on using this functionality, see Appearance, Media, and Measure objects using Spike.

Update January 23, 2018

Survey123 field app (Build 2.6.7)

Fixes and additions include the following:

  • Refreshing the inbox or clearing the sent surveys box no longer deletes all responses in the inbox or sent box of other surveys.
  • Improved interface for dateTime questions.
  • A refresh button is now available to recalculate time questions with now() as a calculation.
  • Camera flash is now supported.
  • Zoom functionality has been added to the camera for bar code scanning.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a survey from being saved to drafts when the survey has a repeat_count value.
  • The Home button on the Inbox map now zooms to the home location as intended.
  • Android image gallery interface and performance has been improved.

Survey123 Connect (Build 2.6.4)

Fixes and additions include the following:

  • Survey123 Connect no longer crashes when attempting to set the map's zoom level.
  • Labels and hints are no longer cut off when using a less than (<) symbol in most cases. See known issues for exceptions.
  • Links in the side panel are no longer active when the panel is hidden.

Survey123 website

Fixes and additions include the following:

  • A new, unified web app is now available for filling in surveys created from both Survey123 Connect and the Survey123 web designer.
  • UI and UX improvements have been made for single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, geopoint, and image questions.
  • URL parameters are now supported in the web app for surveys created in the web designer.
  • Report templates can now use the webmapItemID and mapScale parameters for geopoint questions.
  • Report templates can now use the utcOffset parameter for date, time, and dateTime questions.
  • Placeholder field names no longer require leading special characters such as @ or % in report templates. Usage of these leading characters is still supported.
  • The Modify Schema dialog box interface has been improved.
  • HTML formatting is now supported for question labels on the Data tab's Individual Response panel.
  • Leading zeroes are no longer dropped from labels in the Individual Response panel.
  • Fields in the Individual Response panel no longer appear blank if the submission contains a leading zero.
  • Improved precision of the marker on the map indicating photo direction if this information is present in the photo's EXIF data.
  • Occasions where a global ID field was duplicated no longer exist.
  • Users can now scroll through a survey's Thank You screen when the screen's contents don't fit in their display.
  • HTML tags used in select_multiple questions are no longer visible in printed reports.