What's new


The release of Navigator 22.1.0 includes the following:

21.0.0 (iOS)

The release of Navigator 21.0.0 on iOS includes the following:

  • Various bug fixes and improvements.


The release of Navigator 20.0.1 on Android and iOS includes the following:

  • Navigator for ArcGIS renamed to ArcGIS Navigator.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

19.1.1 (Android) and 19.1.0 (iOS)

The release of Navigator 19.1.1 on Android and 19.1.0 on iOS brings a number of enhancements to the app. You can create and navigate on shared routes, view information about your assets in your mobile map packages, pause navigation, skip stops, and interact with the map while navigating. The app has a refreshed look and feel, and includes support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).

Follow shared routes

Mobile workers can now access shared routes. You can use ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise, or ArcGIS Pro to create and share route layers, specifying exactly where you want mobile workers to go and making sure they have the routes they need. Your mobile workers won't have to enter numerous stops and will always follow your plan. If they get off-course, they'll be routed back to your shared route—not given a different route to get to the next stop. Learn how to create and share routes, and how mobile workers use them.

Shared routes

View asset information

You could already display your assets on a map in Navigator, and now you can also display information about them. When authoring a map and adding assets to it, configure pop-ups to define the information about your assets that mobile workers see when that asset is tapped. Your mobile workers can be assured they are selecting the right assets when creating routes, and can view information you need them to have about the assets around them.

Asset information

Pause navigation and skip stops

In previous versions of Navigator, ending a route while navigating meant that you couldn't resume the route. Now when you tap End, the route pauses, and you can view the route details or make changes if you created the route on the device.

There are times when you can't arrive exactly at a stop, or when you need to skip a stop on your route. Now you can mark stops as visited to continue to the next stop on your route without modifying the route itself.

Learn more about the new options available while navigating.

User experience updates

Navigator has a refreshed look and feel. The user interface has been redesigned with a focus on simplification and consistency. Open a map, follow a route, and navigate with fewer taps in a modern interface.

User experience updates

Various bug fixes and improvements

Bugs are addressed in this release, and additional improvements are included. These include the following:

  • Interact with the map while navigating—Pan and zoom the map while in navigation mode to see the complete route and surrounding map area.
  • IWA support—Navigator now supports Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA).
  • Polish, Slovenian, and Swedish language support.
  • BUG-000113315 is addressed.