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Add section headers

Section headers allow you to split analysis views into collapsible groups and introduce elements that contain similar types of data. To add a section header to an analysis view, complete the following steps:

  1. Access edit mode for the analysis view to which you want to add a section header.
  2. Click Add element > Section header.

    The Section header dialog box appears.

  3. Provide a name for the header in the Title text box.
  4. Click Done.

    The section header appears in the analysis view.

  5. Optionally, hover over the section header and use the buttons to perform the following actions:
    • Drag Move Move to move the section header to a new location in the analysis view.
    • Click Configure Configure to edit the section header text.
    • Click Duplicate Duplicate to duplicate the section header.
    • Click Delete Delete to delete the section header.
  6. When you're finished adding elements to the analysis view, click Save.

    You can also click the Save drop-down arrow and click Save as to save the analysis view with a new name and description.

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