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Inside an ArcGIS Monitor deployment

ArcGIS Monitor is an enterprise-grade monitoring solution that works with ArcGIS Enterprise by providing information about system health, usage, and performance. It captures key metrics and attributes to quantify system health over time, helping you maximize your GIS and IT investment. Monitor also aggregates system-level data into actionable information to help identify problems before they affect users and raises awareness to operations teams. This information can also be used by GIS administrators to maintain the operational health and performance of your enterprise GIS implementation or by managers to analyze long-term trends.

This topic explains the structure and functions of ArcGIS Monitor from an administrator's perspective.

Single- and multiple-network deployments

When a single data center contains the entire enterprise GIS implementation, you can deploy Monitor by installing Monitor Server. In this deployment scenario, Monitor Server monitors all registered components and provides data reporting and analysis.

When the enterprise GIS implementation is distributed across multiple network environments, designate one of the networks for the Monitor Server installation. Each of the remaining networks should have Monitor Agent installed to reduce network latency and simplify access restrictions. Monitor Server and each Monitor Agent installation monitors the registered components in their respective network environments. Each Monitor Agent installation sends data to the Monitor Server installation to which it's registered for centralized data reporting and analysis.

Security and access

The machine on which you installed Monitor Server is the machine that is primarily used to administer the Monitor deployment. Administrators can modify settings such as access control, email server settings, and web traffic protocols in the Monitor browser-based application installed with Monitor Server. Monitor contains a built-in identity store that is used to authorize and authenticate users.

ArcGIS Monitor software architecture

Monitor consists of a server, optional agents, and the Monitor database. This structure provides flexibility when monitoring ArcGIS Enterprise deployments across physical, remote, and cloud environments.

The following are the components of an ArcGIS Monitor deployment:

  • ArcGIS Monitor Server—Serves as the central hub for data collection and analysis. It provides a web interface that allows you to configure settings, manage users and permissions, configure monitoring, view and respond to alerts, and analyze monitored environments.
  • ArcGIS Monitor Agent—Extends the reach of ArcGIS Monitor into distributed environments. Monitor Agent can be deployed in remote datacenters and cloud environments to enable local monitoring. Raw data collected by Monitor Agent is synchronized with the Monitor Server to which it is registered for centralized data reporting and analysis.
  • ArcGIS Monitor database—Stores system settings and all data metrics. It is recommended that you create a dedicated database and database user for Monitor. Once Monitor Server is connected to the database, it manages the creation of the ArcGIS Monitor Information Model and the maintenance of its schema.

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Configuration store

An ArcGIS Monitor installation has a folder designated as the configuration store that contains all the properties, logs, and supporting files necessary to run the software. During installation, the configuration store is automatically positioned relative to the installation directory and cannot be changed. In a multiple-network deployment, Monitor Server and all ArcGIS Monitor Agent machines each have their own configuration store. When migrating an installation from one machine to another, it is important to preserve the relevant configuration store to ensure continuity. It is recommended that you periodically back up the configuration store for recovery purposes.

Processes started by ArcGIS Monitor

The following operating system processes are present on any Monitor Server or Monitor Agent machine that is started:

  • One arcgis-monitor-service.exe process
  • Several arcgis-monitor.exe processes

The ArcGIS Monitor Server and ArcGIS Monitor Agent services in Windows represent ArcGIS Monitor itself. Stopping these services effectively stops ArcGIS Monitor on the machine and shuts down any running process instances.