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Configure server settings

You can configure server settings and concurrent processes to optimize the performance of ArcGIS Monitor for your organization. To configure server settings, complete these steps:

  1. Access ArcGIS Monitor, if necessary.

    The Home page appears.

  2. Click Administration.

    The Administration page appears.

  3. Click Edit next to Server Configuration Settings on the Administration page.

    The Server Configuration Settings dialog box appears.

  4. Provide the URL used to access Monitor from outside of your organization's firewall in the Web Context URL text box.

    The URL must end with /arcgis.


    The Web Context URL setting does not change the internal ports used to access Monitor. If you need to provide access over a different port, you can configure a reverse proxy to redirect Monitor traffic to port 30443 for HTTPS and 30080 for HTTP.

  5. Specify the maximum number of seconds that Monitor will wait for a response from a client that has issued an HTTP request in the Connection Timeout text box.
  6. Specify the maximum number of records to return for API queries in the Maximum Record Count text box.
  7. Specify the number of concurrent ArcGIS Monitor process instances to use to govern capacity in the Cluster Size text box.
  8. Click Save.

    A pop-up notification appears.

  9. If you changed the Cluster Size setting, click Restart Server in the pop-up and click Restart in the Restart Server dialog box to restart Monitor Server.

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