Mission analyst experience

The mission analyst experience allows you to participate in active missions and collaborate with other mission members and teams in the following ways:

  • Mission owners can review the mission in Draft status prior to setting the mission to Active.
  • Mission members can collaborate with each other through chats, tasks, and reports.
  • Mission members can gain real-time situational awareness of the current mission, including where Responder users are located.

The mission analyst experience includes panels with tools for interacting with the mission. All the panels are updated in real time, displaying new information as it becomes available during the mission. This allows you to maintain your awareness of every mission member and their activities.

The panels are as follows:

  • Title—The mission's Title banner displays the mission title and status and contains the following tools:
    • Mission Time—This tool allows you to view the mission based on a defined time extent.
    • Materials—This tool gives analysts access to the materials provided for the mission.
    • Events—This tool displays current events that have occurred from the time you connected to the mission.
    • Info—This tool allows you to view additional information about the mission.
    • More—This tool provides access to additional tools and links such as the home screen, missions list, and Create a New Mission page.
  • Participants—This panels displays a list of the mission members and Teams in the mission, along with their current connection status and various tools for interacting with them.
  • Actions—This panel, found at the bottom of the mission map, allows users to collaborate with each other through the chats, tasks, and reports tools.
  • Feeds—This panel tracks and displays activities that occur during a mission, specifically all of the Chats, Tasks, and Reports that a user is involved in.