Details for a new mission

In the Create New Mission panel, you can include information to define the details about the new mission. The only required field when creating a mission is Mission Name. Everything you include at creation can be edited later on the Mission Details page. Descriptions of the options are below.

  • Mission Name—The name of the mission. A mission name is determined by the organization and organizational requirements but should be easily distinguishable from other missions, based on those requirements.
  • Summary—A brief description of the mission. The summary appears on the View Missions tab and on the Overview tab in the Mission Details page.
  • Description—Additional information relevant to the mission, similar to the summary. It does not appear on the View Missions tab; it appears on the ArcGIS Mission Manager Overview tab and the ArcGIS Mission Responder Mission Details page.
  • Tags—Relevant tags that help with searches can be added here.
  • Terms of Use—Restrictions, disclaimers, limitations, or conditions for use can be added here, based on organizational requirements.
  • Additional Options—Allows users to create missions that have varying capabilities.

This is not a comprehensive list of all the tools and options on the Mission Details page.

Once you add a title, choose your basemap from the map panel. Alternatively, if the map is acceptable with its default basemap and zoom extent, click Create Mission.