Mission Details page

The Mission Details page is where you can view important information and details about the mission. If you have the supported privileges or are the owner of the mission, information about the mission can be edited. For example, you can use the Mission Details page in the following situations:

  • You are a member of the mission and want to view information about the mission, such as its description and terms of use.
  • You are the mission owner and need to add teams to your mission.
  • The mission is in Draft status but is ready to be moved to Active before the mission begins.
  • You are an administrator and want to add yourself as a mission member.

The following tabs can be found on the Mission Details page:

  • Overview—Where the mission details can be found and edited, and where mission dashboards and templates can be created.
  • Members—Where portal users can be assigned as mission members.
  • Teams—Where mission members can be assigned to or removed from mission teams.
  • Map—Where the mission map is built or edited.
  • Reports—Where the mission owner can create and add reports for the mission and where members can preview reports in a mission.
  • Materials—Where mission members can upload materials for use during the mission.