Collaborate using the actions panel

Mission members can collaborate with each other through chats, tasks, and reports. Chats are the main communication tool used in ArcGIS Mission and can contain text chats, sketches, and attachments. When a text chat is combined with a sketch, this is often referred to as a geomessage. Tasks are focused, geolocated responsibilities in the mission assigned by mission analysts and completed by other members in the mission. Reports are authored by mission analysts and are completed by mission members to organize and communicate information of a particular matter that has been observed, heard, completed, or investigated.


Chats are messages sent between mission members, either from ArcGIS Mission Manager or ArcGIS Mission Responder. Chats are organized into threads and can include text, sketches, and attachments. Chats can be sent to any mission member, group of members, or teams. You can only access the Chat tool in ArcGIS Mission Manager from the mission analyst experience.

You can specify chat recipients in the participants panels. Chats sent to connected users are sent in real time. You can send chats to disconnected users, but these are stored and sent when the user becomes active again.

All chats between mission members appear in the Chats feed. Chats in which you are a participant, including chats that you create, are listed in the Chats feed.

Send text chats

Text chats are messages sent between mission members and are the most common tool used for communication during a mission. To send a text chat, complete the following steps:

  1. Select recipients from the Participants panel.
  2. Click Chat.
  3. Enter your message.
  4. Click Send.

The chat appears in the Messages feed.

Send a sketch

A sketch is a geolocated graphic drawn on the mission map and included as part of a chat. The Sketch tool is part of the Chat tool and allows users to send points, line, or polygons of various types, as well as select the color of the graphic being drawn. To send a sketch, complete the following steps:

  1. Select recipients from the members or teams lists.
  2. Click Chat.
  3. Select the mark-up tool of your choice (point, line, or polygons).
  4. Draw your graphic on the map.

    For lines and polygons, double-click to end the drawing process.

  5. Select the color of your graphic using the color picker.
  6. Click Send.

If, at any point prior to the sketch being sent, you need to redraw it, click the delete button to clear it from the map and reselect your sketch tool.

Send an attachment

Attachments are image files sent in chats. They are often sent in association with text chats or sketches but can also be sent independently. Multiple attachments can be sent in a single message. To send an attachment, complete the following steps:

  1. Select recipients from the members or teams lists.
  2. Click Chat.
  3. Click Attach Images.
  4. Select the appropriate file from those available on your device.
  5. Click Send.

Reply to a chat conversation

Once a chat is created, it appears in the Chats feed. If you are a chat participant, you can reply to the chat conversation by completing the following steps:

  1. Locate the chat in the Chats feed.
  2. Click to expand the thread.
  3. Click the in-line Reply button.
  4. Create a text chat, sketch, or attachment message (or any combination of the three).
  5. Click Send.

Send a broadcast

Broadcast messages are a one-way communication tool that allows for quick distribution of important information. Broadcast messages are sent from a Mission Manager owners or leads, and will be received on all Responder and Manager devices. These broadcast messages are a means of mass communication and are like push notifications.

To create a broadcast, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Broadcasts feed where you are mission owner or lead.
  2. Click Create New.

    The Broadcasts panel opens under the map.

  3. Type the message you want to send. There is a character limit of 250.
  4. Click Send.
  5. Note:
    A broadcast will appear at the top of the mission map and users need to manually close the notifications. A maximum of two broadcast notifications will be shown within Manager at once, with the most recent at the top.

View previous broadcast messages

You can view previously sent broadcast messages in Mission Manager. The default is displayed to the most recent message at the top. You can also filter by My Broadcasts or All Broadcasts.

  1. Open the Broadcasts feed where you are mission owner or lead.

    The feed opens with the broadcast messages sent in your mission. A message appears if no broadcasts were sent.

  2. Optionally, filter the broadcast messages using the drop-down menu to see My Broadcasts or All Broadcasts.


Tasks are focused, geolocated responsibilities in the mission assigned by Mission Manager users and completed by other members in the mission. A task requires a location, a task name, and a description. There are additional options for assigning a mission member, task status, priority, or due dates and letting the assigned member know that a report is required to complete the task.

Create a task

To create a task, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Task in the Actions panel.
  2. Designate a location using the Point button on the mission map.
  3. Type a title for the task in the Name field.
  4. Type a description of the task in the Description field.
  5. Optionally, assign a member or change the Status, Priority, Due Date, and Due Time values of the task.

    You can also use the Report Required drop-down menu to choose a report you want your mission member to complete.

  6. Click Create.

    Your task appears in the mission map and the Tasks feed.

The tasks icon changes depending on the status. To learn more about the status of tasks, see Task status.


While available mission report templates are displayed in mission details, they are submitted and viewed in the mission analyst view. Previously created reports can be accessed through the Reports feed.


Sensor reports that are part of the mission are not visible and cannot be submitted by mission analysts, as they are only submitted by ArcGIS Mission Responder users.

Submit a report

To submit a report in ArcGIS Mission Manager, open the mission analyst experience.

  1. Click Report in the Actions panel.

    The panel expands with different report forms with their respective icons and descriptions, including a Location (required) field.

  2. Scroll through the reports list to choose a report.

    You can click Close to return to the reports list once a report has been chosen.

  3. Click the Point button and select a location for your report.

    Your location appears on the mission map.

  4. Fill out any other required or additional fields.

    The Submit button will not become available until all required fields are filled out.

  5. Click Submit.
  6. Click Cancel to return to the default view of the Actions panel.

The new report appears on the mission map and in the Reports feed.

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