Insert x,y coordinates

When your data contains addresses that you want to use as your location information, you typically need to use ArcGIS credits to geocode the information—that is, to generate spatial coordinates that appear as points on your map. After you've done so, you may want to add columns to your worksheet to contain the generated spatial coordinates so that you can reuse the information in other maps or worksheets without incurring additional geocoding costs. ArcGIS Maps for Office allows you to add location columns to your worksheet, or to replace existing columns with the new location information.

The Insert XY coordinates option applies only to layers that contain point geometries; it's not available for line or polygon layers. Also, this option is available only when a map layer was created using an Excel table; if the layer was created using a named range or a cell range, the option is not available.

To add coordinates to your worksheet, do the following:

  1. Choose the layer that you want to modify: hover over the right side of the desired layer card to display its tools and click the Layer options button Layer options.
    Layer options pane
  2. In the layer options pane, click Insert XY coordinates Insert XY coordinates into worksheet.

    This option is available only for layers that contain point geometry, and if the layer was created using Excel data that is formatted as an Excel table.

    The Insert XY coordinates into worksheet pane appears.

    Insert XY coordinates into worksheet
  3. Click one of the following buttons:
    • Create new columns—In the X and Y text boxes, type names for the columns that will be added to the worksheet, or accept the default names. The specified column names must not already exist in the worksheet.
    • Use existing columns—From the X and Y drop-down menus, choose existing columns in the worksheet that contain location information. Note that this process overwrites any information that exists in the specified columns.
  4. Click Insert coordinates to accept the changes and return to the layer options pane. Click Cancel or Close to close the pane without applying changes.

    The new spatial information is added to your worksheet.